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February 16, 2024

No doubt, nowadays, among all messenger apps, folks use WhatsApp more to communicate with their near and dear ones by sending texts and calling. It is the most fluent messenger app in the world right now. As a result, people prefer to use it over others. In addition to exchanging text and making calls, users can send voice messages, audio, videos, documents, and other files anytime within seconds. While this is true, WhatsApp has limited features, and you can take advantage of the app within those limits. Also, no one except official authorities can integrate additional features within the app. On the contrary, if you use ER Whatsapp, you will experience more features and more privacy options and bypass the limitations of WhatsApp. By using it, people get an interesting amount of advanced features that they will love to use.

ER Whatsapp is a reliable version of the official WhatsApp app; its name is proof of it. The mod is named by inspiring from the historical Islamic Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertugrul Ghazi was a historical figure of religious Islam. He was a brave soldier who saved the Kai tribe and conquered many places in the way of God. To pay tribute to this hero, a Turkish developer shortened the name of Ertugrul Ghazi and named this WhatsApp ER Mod Whatsapp. Now think that if this app is inspired by the great qualities of this Muslim leader, then this app will also possess such great qualities that you will love the most.

ER Whatsapp: What is it?

It looks exactly like the official WhatsApp but has impressive, customized features and many boosted functions. Everything in the tool has been customized and upgraded according to users’ favor. In this way, users get a higher option; exemplarily, they can experience more privacy features to protect their privacy better.

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So everyone can call in end-to-end encryption while connecting their loved ones. In this Mod Menu, the WhatsApp logo changes a little in terms of colors. Moreover, it gives access to the best collection of lavish themes and lets you change the background. It’s easy to send large files, and it’s also easy to send a large number of images on WhatsApp limit. Apart from these features, many more utilities are available below.

Top-notch Features in ER Whatsapp Mod:

Verily, the app has been empirically checked and thoroughly questioned. The result has made us happy. It is a valuable app, like SKBA Modz WhatsApp, with the highly integrated features listed below.

Secure your WhatsApp data:

ER Whatsapp Ertugural Ghazi is the best if you decide on apps because of their tight security. This app protects its user’s privacy and allows users to set several security options, such as pins and patterns, and users can also easily set their fingerprints.

Hide everything:

If you want to be completely anonymous while using WhatsApp and don’t want anyone to know your status, last seen, online, or double tick, then install this app. It allows users easy settings to hide all of them from one or more contacts at any time.

Download Status:

Undoubtedly, a person can see all the statuses posted by his friends, but he cannot download any statuses using the official WhatsApp. Consequently, he must have an additional status downloader. But this new WhatsApp comes with pre-packed settings through which you can download any video or image within seconds.

Recover and Read Deleted texts:

In primary WhatsApp, when someone sends you a text, it can’t be read if he delete or un-send it before you see it. That way, you won’t know what kind of message it was. Of course, it causes anxiety, but no more; if you use this modified variant, once someone deletes the text, you can still restore it and read it just like any other normal text.

Final Highlights:

Official WhatsApp is the best and most legitimate application to use. However, ER Whatsapp APK is the perfect product for those who need an extra supply of features and a little variety in their Whatsapp. If you are not one of these guys, we strongly recommend not using these third-party WhatsApp messaging apps. This does not mean that the app has a privacy or trust issue. Pro people like to use this app because they like to explore the features that the developers bring into it. Hence, if you are one of them, download the app to your device.