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New Boxskin 2022 Injector APK [Latest Version] v15.1 Free Download

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November 28, 2023

Review of New BoxSkin 2022:

Are you that frustrated guy who never played well in-game mobile legends and couldn’t defeat his opponents? If my prediction is correct, you’ll have to change your approach to the game a bit to get brighter results. Thus, sometimes, in this situation, many players choose well-equipped applications for premium items and other items, which are based on extra power in the game. Unfortunately, they are always using unsafe applications, which can lead to their account being blocked. Hence, if you want to know a better and safer tool, choose New boxskin 2022, For more information related to this, be sincere with the following paragraph.

You may know that some time ago, every third-party device could easily manipulate the whole game, but now the current version is very modern and mind-blowing. That’s why it easily detects all the injector applications, as a result, it is banning players’ accounts. Therefore, the new BoxSkin 2022 ML is designed to work smoothly without any detection and prohibited threats. That’s why it’s still an alive and useful tool for the MLBB game. If this is the first time you have heard about this application, then pick it up and start experimenting in game and get admirable results in a few seconds.

What is the New BoxSkin 2022 Injector APK?

New boxskin 2022 Injector is the treasure of Goodness for every weak player of the Mobile legends game, that offers long gaming assets such as ML Skins, Maps, Drone view, Emotes, and many more that help you showcase your abilities in a great manner without money and expenditures. Once you will get these elements you will be the owner of match-winning abilities.

Since the New boxskin 2022 Injector is a replica app of the Box Skin Injector, RDM87 Injector, and Boxskin87 Hence, some features may be similar in these apps, but the New box Injector MLBB rules you over some new and powerful features and features. In addition, the majority of players like its uncertain features that reflect the application’s capabilities. Furthermore, if you want to enhance and develop your gaming skills, then you should have no other alternative than this application.

Available Features of New BoxSkin 2021:

All the gaming elements are divided into different categories. Hence, if you want to check out then check the below available items.

All Drone View:

New boxskin 2022 ML APP starts with MLBB Drone views and the drones are as follows.

  • Drone view X3, X4, X5,
  • You can get a backup of the drone views.

Unlock All Skin:

Skins are considered as the heart of the Mobile legends that’s why players always looking for ML skins. The application also allows you freebies to all the skins.

  • Fighter.
  • Tank.
  • Assassin.
  • Marksman.
  • Mage.
  • Support.

Effect Recall:

Also, unlock more than 40 recalls is under effect recalls.

Effect Respawn:

Dozens of backup features inside the Effect Respawn category.

Effect Elimination:

Elimination is also ready to help you in any type of bad situation.

Effect Notification:

Effect Notifications gives you crystal, Shinto, and summer.


At the last, you will be able to unlock a high collection of emotes at zero cost.

Versions of the New Boxskin 2022:

The New Boxskin 2022 launched dozens of versions in every update, such as v3.2, 3.3, v3.4, v3.5, v3.6, and v3.7, but we are providing you v5.9 which is more advanced than all the previous versions. Hence, check out the features of this new version and decide your next step.

How to download and use New Box skin 2022?

APKShop always provides secure and working download file links for each of its users. As always, the New boxskin 2022 download link is also a well-functioning link. So, download the file from the download link. When you click on the download link, it will be downloaded in a few seconds. Once the file is completed securely, then go to your phone’s file manager and install the application.

The good news is that the application does not require a password. This means that you will easily grab all the available features of the application. Thus, open the tool and take a brief look at the services of the tool. I think so far you have selected the items you want. If yes, then open the game directly from the tool by clicking on the Mobile Legends icon below and start manipulating.

What’s New in New BoxSkin 2022 Injector v15.1?

In the new version, the developers have introduced some extra elements of the game which are given below.

  • New feature new folder art [ABC].
  • New support folder.
  • New drone view.
  • New tablet view.
  • New Latest emotes.
  • Added Fix all bugs Features.

Final Highlights:

I think you were understand everything about the New BoxSkin 2022 APK. Hence, let’s activate the available packages of the application and show classic nocks in the game. Moreover, if you feel hesitant to download and use this application you can contact us through comments.