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August 26, 2023

Do you ready to use a newly developed skin Injector for your game Mobile Legend Bang Bang. If you are ready then we are introducing a new ML injector so still keep your eyes on this article. As usual routine today we are here with another app for Mobile Legend bang bang that is SML Patcher. So don’t jump from paragraph to paragraph, or don’t miss any single line, and keep reading every line till the end of today’s article.

SML Patcher is designed to get skins only, it doesn’t have any other premium item for mobile legend. But it comes with all the gaming skins that we need in the gaming field. After using this tool you will not have to use other tools to access the skins as this tool will meet all your needs.

SML Patcher APK also gives you ML skins inside Tank, Fighter, Haasan, Marksman, Mage, and other tools. If we compare it with other ML tools like Kuroyama Tools VIP then it is definitely better than other Mobile Legend tools because it has more skins enlisted.

By the way, the SML injector is very simple and easy to use. Also, if you have trouble using it, you can sign in to this app. This will allow you to see how other users of the tool are using it.

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Features of SML Patcher:

  • All the skins are available which we need in the game.
  • You can interact with the Mykkie community by registering yourself.
  • If you want to donate some money in the app you can donate, it’s totally up to you no one is forcing you to donate money.
  • The tool language is English.
  • If you want to stay up to date with the app, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

SML Patcher Providing Skins List:

If we talk about skins, all the skins are divided into six parts. The skins in each part are different from the skins in the other parts. We’ve provided a list of all the skins in the app. If you are interested in viewing each skin, you can check out the list of all skin types below.


TankTank provides skins.

  • Grock elite
  • Grock starlight
  • Grock epic
  • Grock venom.


  • Aldous blazing
  • Guinevere epic
  • Guinevere KOF
  • Guinevere special
  • Guinevere star
  • And Four More.


  • Fanny Christmas
  • Fanny lifeguard
  • Fanny light born
  • Fanny skylark
  • Hayabusa elite
  • 9 More.


  • Bruno firebolt
  • Bruno football
  • Bruno special
  • Bruno vanguard
  • Granger elite
  • 11 More.


  • Guinevere epic
  • Guinevere KOF
  • Guinevere special
  • Guinevere starlight
  • Harith elite
  • 6 More.


  • Kaja elite
  • Kaja epic
  • Kaja starlight

How to Inject Skins using SML Patcher:

First of all, press the download button it will directly download on your mobile in a few seconds.
Go to your mobile phone storage and install it now.
After complete installation, it will be saved on your phone screen.
Tap on it and open it to see the skins which you are going to inject.
Select skin and accept the confirmation notification if you want to inject the skin.
If you all are done, then open your Mobile Legends game and start playing with premium skin for free.

Final Highlights:

I hope the SML Patcher APK will fulfill your wishes and desires. So if you want to test more mobile legend tools, go to the Homepage of our website and download any kind of app for free.