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October 17, 2023

No doubt, technology has changed many things rapidly in recent times, and communication is one of them. As a result, messenger applications such as Discord, Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp were introduced. In fact, WhatsApp’s most fundamental partnership was to change the ancient era when letters and birds were used to communicate with each other. Official WhatsApp undoubtedly excels in this task, but a few limitations in its features make users feel constrained. So if you want to break all the barriers, you can get this newest version called AG4 Whatsapp.

AG4 Whatsapp is mainly a widely used WhatsApp alternative that provides various conveniences to folks through rich and advanced features. Thanks to its rich features, it makes it easy for individuals and businesses to communicate with their near and dear ones instantly. Since the invention of this app aims to offer more diverse features than WhatsApp, how is it possible that it does not offer features beyond people’s imagination? Yes, with this mod, everyone can now send up to 100 images and more than 100MB in size.

Plus, the app is perfect if you don’t compromise on your privacy; thus, in this regard, you can better control the online status, last scene, double tick, typing, and chats on your mobile. Also, the interface is clearer and lavish; everyone can easily modify it according to their taste. Moreover, the Mod has everything that WhatsApp does not have or is available in a limited number. So, if you want to advantage of WhatsApp below the belt, then AG4 Whatsapp App is noteworthy.

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Features in AG4 Whatsapp:

WhatsApp has always remained the most secure and undoubtedly fastest messenger app. So far, no third-party variables can completely replace it. Still, using such an app means non-stop enjoyment and tasting more features.

Customize appearance:

  • There are several themes in the app’s international store; each one is different from the others, and all are free to use.
  • Apart from themes, users are free to change the background of the WhatsApp app or can set up any of their favorites from the internal device.
  • Moreover, there are dozens of colors available to the users through which they can customize the WhatsApp screen color anytime.

Lots of Privacy options:

  • People can hide their last scene and online status combined or separately using the app.
  • After that, users can also manage blue tick, typing, profile pictures, and even their status from a specific person in their WhatsApp.
  • Make your personal groups and chats private so no one can see your secrets.

Break the barriers:

AG4 Whatsapp APK is quite effective in breaking all the barriers that users face in official WhatsApp. In official WhatsApp, users cannot see their contacts’ online status and last scene, which they hide from others. But by using this smart app, you can easily monitor their contacts, how often and when they are online the most.

Additional Liberty:

It gives the users a huge pile of additional liberties, making it stand on the list of best WhatsApp apps.

  • The app lets you send 100+ photos in bulk, and users have had success with this.
  • On the contrary, on the official WhatsApp, there is no limit to sending anything to a fixed number of contacts. You can send messages to dozens of contacts in one attempt and forward anything.
  • You can send even larger documents, files, movies, videos, and more without getting stuck.

Other Features of AG4 Whatsapp Mod:

  • Download Status: The official has not yet offered users a download option through which users will download user-posted statuses. But this new updated WhatsApp provides this facility for free. So download your contacts status when you like any status very much.
  • Reliable and secure app: No one can compare this WhatsApp with other apps having all the attributes and qualities; a few apps like ER WhatsApp may give it a tough time in the future, but none is secure and reliable as much as this app. This is the key factor; its search volume is much better than all others.
  • Updated and bug-free: Certainly, the app has recently been updated by integrating with some pro features, and thus it is now a fully fresh version working on all devices. As a result, users will never face unusual problems like bugs and glitches.

Final Highlights:

AG4 Whatsapp APK is notable for its extra-loaded features. Using this app as a replacement for WhatsApp will make you feel like you are using a 10x better and more advanced version of WhatsApp. Finally, we can say after a long time, people have got another capable and reliable app. So don’t hesitate to get it even though it is unavailable on the play store; we APKShop provide you with a valid, working, bug-free and safe link to download it.